What is Germany 30?

On July 1st 1988, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange the German blue-chip stock index DAX 30 (Ger30), also known as Germany 30. DAX 30 is the main stock market index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Being one of the high performance indices, DAX 30 reflects the performance of the top 30 biggest companies in Germany measured by free-float market-capitalization and order book volume. This German benchmark index is often seen as an indicator of the German economy.

Quarterly, companies in DAX 40 are manually rebalanced and checked; assuring that DAX 30 eligibility criteria are met. Having contained some of the most profitable shares in Germany, this influential index has excellent potential for successful CFD trading.

One of the many benefits of trading indices, and in specific, DAX 30, is the exposure to the number of high performing German stocks that can be traded through CFD’s. Another factor that should be looked at when choosing the best index to trade is its liquidity. To add to the advantages of DAX 30, this index is characterized by sufficient size and liquidity. This potentially profitable German index is recognized as a benchmark index for investing in the German stock market.

 For successful CFD trading, PCM International offers access to accurate real-time DAX 30 forecasts, charts and updated news on Germany’s economics events. Traders can seek profit from the fluctuations that are provided by the news based on the economic events of Germany. With PCM International, traders are able to benefit from professional trading platforms that enable them to use advanced CFD trading strategies. In addition, trading GER30(DAX 30) through PCM International allows you to leverage your exposure to market movements for maximum profit.

 A key factor of trading CFD’s successfully is being educated about potentially profitable trading opportunities and knowing it’s in-depth specifications and benefits. The table below is provided for further details about the index.

Contract Specifications for Germany 30

Contract Parameters
Class Equity Index (stocks index)
Symbol DAX
Description Index representing 30 top German stocks
Standard Tradable Quantity (also called a LOT) 10 DAX contracts
Minimum Tradable Quantity (the fraction of lot available to trade) 1 DAX contract
Base Currency (Currency used for margin, P&L and other calculations) United States Dollars
Tick Size (The least incremental change in the price of the index) 0.1 (example: 9953.5 changes to 9953.6 at least)

List of stocks

Company Prime Standard industry group
Adidas Clothing
Allianz Insurance
BASF Chemicals
Bayer Chemicals
Beiersdorf Consumer goods
BMW Manufacturing
Commerzbank Banking
Continental Manufacturing
Daimler Manufacturing
Deutsche Bank Banking
Deutsche Börse Securities
Deutsche Lufthansa Transport Aviation
Deutsche Post Communications
Deutsche Telekom Communications
E.ON Energy
Fresenius Medical
Fresenius Medical Care Medical
HeidelbergCement Building
Henkel Consumer goods
Infineon Technologies Manufacturing
K+S Chemicals
Lanxess Chemicals
Linde Industrial gases
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Munich Re Insurance
RWE Energy
Siemens Industrial, electronics
ThyssenKrupp Industrial, manufacturing
Volkswagen Group Manufacturing



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