What is NSD100m?

NDX is the index from which NSD100m is derived from. NSD100m simply provides traders with smaller contract sizes. This allows traders to expose themselves to the market with higher accuracy. In addition, traders with lower budgets can also take advantage of this highly rewarding index, as they can purchase shares with more managable sizes. 


Reminder: What is NDX?

Nasdaq-100 is a predominantly technology derived index which was launched on January 31st, 1985. As one of the highest performing U.S indices, Nasdaq-100 is made up of the 100 biggest companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. All being non-financial companies domestic and international companies, companies in Nasdaq-100 are rebalanced four times a year to ensure Nasdaq-100 eligibility criteria is met. Some of the most known companies in the index include Google, Microsoft and Apple. It should be kept in mind, however, that although this is one of the technology driven indices, NDX exposes traders to a broad range of industries. Popular non-technological companies in the index include Expedia, Amazon and Marriot International.


Market-value-weighted indices, like Nasdaq-100, calculate their components based on the total market value of their outstanding shares. One of the advantages of cap-weighted indices is their high performance in momentum-driven markets. With their tilt towards larger companies, these indices give traders the key to achieving very large amounts of profit.


Companies on the Nasdaq-100 must pass certain criteria for inclusion in the index. As far as Nasdaq-100 liquidity goes, each company must have at least 200 thousand shares traded daily based on a 3-month average. Security types are an important part of this index's eligibility criteria. The security types eligible for this index include ADR’s, tracking stocks, ordinary shares and common stocks.


At PCM International, we understand that trading Forex and indices professionally consists of being educated and well informed on the details of the trading instrument at hand. Thus, we provide traders with the necessary tool, news and information necessary for profiting from index trading. PCM International allows easy access to live Nasdaq-100 charts and forecasts, as well as updated news on economic events that affect Nasdaq-100 prices. With us, traders are also able to benefit from professional trading platforms that enable them to use advanced CFD trading strategies.


Trading hours for NASDAQ 100 on New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are 09:30 am to 04:00 pm (EST) Monday to Friday. However, NDX can be traded on our platform on the following extended hours:

12:00 am to 10:00 pm (Central European Summer Time) Monday to Friday.
10:00 pm to 08:00 pm (Greenwich Mean Time) Sunday to Friday.

The table below is provided for further details about the Nasdaq 100 mini index.

Contract Specifications for NSD100m

Contract Parameters
Class Equity Index (stock market index)
Symbol NSD100m
Description Index representing 500 top U.S. and International stocks
Standard Tradable Quantity (also called a LOT) 10 NSD100m contracts
Minimum Tradable Quantity (the fraction of lot available to trade) 1 NSD100m contract
Base Currency (Currency used for margin, P&L and other calculations) United States Dollars
Tick Size (The least incremental change in the price of the index) 0.1
Tick Value 1 USD
Margin in Percentage 1%


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