What is WST30m?

US 30 mini (WS30 m) is a twist on the original index, US30 (Wall Street 30). This mini contract allows retails traders to also seek profit and take advantage of trading an index containing the top stocks.


Reminder: What is Wall Street 30?

US30 (Wall Street 30), is the headline US blue-chip index that includes some of the most well known companies in the United States, which are chosen by the Wall Street Journal. The index is underlies Dow Jones Industrial Average and is calculated based on a price weighed average. As a potentially profitable American index it is recognized as one of the important indictors of the U.S economy and stock market. This high performance index is one of the most widely recognized stock market indices in the world. At the start, this index was created to track the top industrial companies in the United States, however it now consists of companies from multiple sectors.


DOW 30 list of companies is checked and rebalanced quarterly, assuring that Wall Street 30 eligibility criteria are met. Having contained some of the most profitable shares in the U.S, this influential index has excellent potential for successful CFD trading.


It is important to keep in mind that with indices that include U.S blue-chip companies, like US30, dramatic highs and low can be reached. Traders must trade cautiously and strategically in order to achieve profits.


One of the many advantages of trading indices, and in specific, the US30, is the exposure to the number of high performing U.S stocks that can be traded through CFD’s. In addition, Wall Street 30 is a highly liquid index. This is important because liquidity assures that traders can quickly react to market movements, which not only catalysis profit but also reduces risk in trading. Another one of the many advantages of trading US30 is the large amount of information in the financial media that can help identify future price movements of the index.


At PCM International, we understand that trading Forex and indices professionally consists of being educated and well informed on the details of the trading instrument at hand. Thus, we provide traders with the necessary tool, news and information necessary for profiting from index trading. PCM International allows easy access to live DOW 30 charts and forecasts, as well as updated news on economic events that affect DOW 30 prices. With us, traders are also able to benefit from professional trading platforms that enable them to use advanced CFD trading strategies.


The table below is provided for further details about the WST30m index.


Contract Specifications for WST30m

Contract Parameters
Class Equity Index (stock market index)
Symbol WST30m
Description Index representing 30 large US stocks
Standard Tradable Quantity (also called a LOT) 1 WST30m contracts
Minimum Tradable Quantity (the fraction of lot available to trade) 0.1 WST30m contract
Base Currency (Currency used for margin, P&L and other calculations) United States Dollars
Tick Size (The least incremental change in the price of the index) 1
Tick Value 1 USD1
Margin in Percentage 1%


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